Of course, the Buckeyes remain atop the LGHL rankings.

Last Saturday, the LSU Tigers went into Tuscaloosa, Ala. and knocked off the Alabama Crimson Tide, so there was little doubt that the Tigers would remain in the top spot of the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 this week. However, with the Tide’s loss, the Ohio State Buckeyes have climbed up a rung on the ladder and now sit as the second-ranked team in the country.

The defending national champion Clemson Tigers are in third, with ‘Bama sliding to fourth, followed by the Georgia Bulldogs and the pair of under-appreciated unbeatens, the Baylor Bears (No. 6) and Minnesota Golden Gophers (No. 7).

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On the Land-Grant Holy Land side of the survey, the Buckeyes remain the top team (natch), followed by LSU and Clemson, and then those plucky, boat-rowing Gophers in fourth.

For what appears to be Big Ten allegiance-related reasons, we Ohio State fans have P.J. Fleck’s crew three spots higher than the rest of the country does. Similarly, the LGHL poll has the Indiana Hoosiers two spots north of where the collective SBN voting body has them.

Check out both the LGHL and SBN polls:

In addition to the Top 25 poll, the FanPulse survey also asks additional questions every week, and this time around they asked who respondents felt was the favorite in the Heisman Trophy race. I have a few thoughts:

  1. Good for Joe Burrow.
  2. This whole Chase Young absurdity is a travesty. He is the best player in college football, and if it wasn’t for antiquated, hypocritical rules from a governing body that has long outlived its usefulness, I would have been pounding the table that he deserved top billing in this poll.

Also, every week, FanPulse gauges the level of confidence that fans have in the direction of their specific program. This week, for the ninth time on the season, LGHL’s readers said that they were 100 percent confident in the direction of the OSU football program, which is pretty impressive.

Still not over numskulls who weren’t confident early in the season, but I at least appreciate their willingness to see the error of their ways following Week 3.