First off, I am a huge College Football fan. I grew up in a house full of rabid supporters of our team. As I grew older, the passion did too. I have followed my team any and everywhere they go. I have had many wonderful nights and I have had many sleepless nights, knowing if the coach would’ve just ran what I wanted him to, the outcome would’ve been different. I have, and still do, read as many articles that I can find about my team. One thing I have always noticed, the comment section at the end of the articles always had a “crazy” fan or 20 from other teams wanting to talk trash. To begin with, I hated it. Next thing you know, I’m one of them. I realized it’s just that fan base’s “RABID” fans standing up and fighting for their “Respected” or “Disrespected” team. That’s what College Battle Ground is about. It’s about Fighting for your team. The players play, the coaches coach, and us (the FANS) support and Fight for our team. I don’t think it’s right to have to pay for news for your program and it sure doesn’t cost anything to fight for your team. Welcome to College Battle Ground.