NCAA Football: Arizona State Spring Game

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Chomp Chomp

The Arizona State Sun Devils announced on Tuesday that they will plan the Florida Gators in 2028 and 2031. On September 16, 2028 the Gators will travel to Tempe, while the Sun Devils head to Gainesville on either September 6 or 13 in 2031.

Athletic Director Ray Anderson announced the plan.

“This agreement with the University of Florida provides our fan base with yet another elite series with a Power 5 opponent,” Anderson said in a statement. ”The addition of Florida complements our future schedules, which already include series with LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State and BYU. We are proud of our future football schedules and of the fact that we can produce quality and interesting matchups for our fan base to enjoy.”

This is another addition to a pretty good list of conference opponents for the Sun Devils coming up that have also arranged Home/Home series.

BYU: Sep. 19, 2020 (Home), Sep. 18, 2021 (Away)

Oklahoma State: Sep. 10, 2022 (Away), Sep. 9, 2023 (Home)

Mississippi State: Sep. 7, 2024 (Home), Sep. 6, 2025 (Away)

Texas A&M: Sep 12, 2026 (Away), Sep. 11, 2027 (Home)

San Diego State: Sep. 18, 2027 (Home), Sep. 9, 2028 (Away)

LSU: Sep. 8, 2029 (Away), Sep. 7, 2030 (Home)

Texas: Sep. 11, 2032 (Home), Sep. 10, 2033 (Away)

Do you guys like this matchup for the Sun Devils? Do you enjoy scheduling so far in advance? Make sure to discuss below.